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I came across your website through another service in my area that distributes information to community services. The email was for the $500 multicultural pack competition that your running.I have been searching in vain for a long while for a suitable website/catalogue in Sydney for multicultural (especially maori and pacific resources) and could not find what I needed. I was delighted to find your website and will distribute to my contacts here! Look forward to receiving the resources!" Kind Regards, Jacqui Karauria, St George Early Years Supported Playgroup Service. August

Parents and children have commented on our Asian dreaming CD, we not only play it at relaxation time but also when children arrive as we find it has a beautiful calming effect. We are working on social skills in the 3 to 5 room and the children have their own solution box which gives them strategies on how to show empathy for others and how to display emotions. The books we purchased ‘Understand and Care’ and Accept and Value Each Person’ and ‘Keite Pehea Koe? How Do You Feel?’ have been an invaluable resource to add to this topic. We often take the children on magical mind journeys at relaxation time, a favorite story we tell involves a magic carpet, we were able to put pictures to words when we purchased ` My Granny Went To Market’ the children now request this story each day Thankyou Lisa Booth, Walaroo Child Care Centre, NSW June 2010

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